Autism & Montessori: Promoting Independence


My favorite thing about Montessori is that it promotes independence. The children have to take care of themselves and are responsible for their stuff. Here, my little guy is washing and drying his plate after eating his snack. He then has to return it to the table and leave it ready for the next child.

This also helps if the child has sensory issues. In the past, I have had clients that didn’t want to touch the water or the rag. With prompting and desensitization, they were able to do it themselves!

4 Comments on “Autism & Montessori: Promoting Independence

    • yes they do! i love these schools and their flexibility. It gives the child time to learn each task at their pace. it’s great!

  1. Great post! I use a lot of Montessori programs at my learning house for children with autism as well! 🙂

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