Food Prep

Don’t forget to include your child in the preparation process for dinner. This is a great opportunity for bonding and working on life skills. Give them their own bowl to work with. Mashing potatoes will help work on:

  • Gross and fine motor skills
  • Hand-eye coordination
  • Following instructions
  • Language

Have fun cooking!!

I finished, now what?

*Please know that this post has been sitting in my draft folder for months! I totally forgot to post it back in Jan*

Happy New Year’s! Well, I did it! I found out right before Christmas that I passed my boards and I am now officially a BCBA!! I have been waiting for this moment for over 10 years. I can pursue my dreams of private practice.

My certificate will arrive in 1 month, then I can start applying for insurance panels. It’s probably going to take around 6 months to get approved. So in the mean time I need to obtain an LLC and start setting up a business account. I will need to update my website, business cards, etc. Oh how fun! Rebranding!! I’m so excited for what’s up ahead in 2019.

Boys and Dolls

Let’s discuss boys and baby dolls. Culturally, we are taught that only girls play with dolls, but boys can play with dolls too! Role play helps to problem solve while working through scenarios. You can also observe the child’s capabilities of the skill during play.

  • If your son is a picky eater, play with baby dolls to work on exposure to new foods.
  • If your son doesn’t use utensils, play with dolls to work on motor coordination.
  • If you’re expecting another baby, play with dolls to prepare your son for their role as a big brother.
  • If your son is rough with other children or animals, play with dolls to work on empathy. 

Playing with dolls gives your child more opportunities to practice new skills. 

Have fun playing! 

Hand Puppets

hand puppets

Encourage language by singing songs that are repetitive. Old MacDonald is my go-to song!! These hand puppets will also help with motor and social skills.

Here are some ways to target each skill:

  • Language : Have your kiddo identify and label each animal. Have them imitate animal sounds. Leave phrases out while singing and have your kiddo fill them in.
  • Motor : Model for your kiddo how to use their fingers to move the puppet’s hands. Move one hand at a time. Move them both together.
  • Social : Have each animal interact with each other and say something about themself. For example, the horse can say, “I’m brown. I eat apples.”

Have fun playing!!