About Us

Stacy and Chris have a combined total of 18 years working with children on the spectrum. We’ve both received our Master’s in Psychology from Nova Southeastern University.

Stacy Landry, MS, BCBA

Hi, I’m Stacy!! I’ve been doing ABA therapy since 2004. I first learned by using Discrete Trial Training in a clinical setting. After realizing I didn’t agree with the techniques taught to me, I set off to learn something new. I then learned about Verbal Behavior and using play to teach new skills, still in a clinical setting. In 2010, I became a provider for the Early Steps program where I learned to use ABA techniques in a more relaxed, home setting.

Chris Landry, MS, LMHC

Chris received his Master’s in Mental Health Counseling from Nova Southeastern University. Chris began working with children on the spectrum during his intership. He specializes in aggressive behaviors and CBT.