Autism & Montessori: Hand-Eye Coordination


Simple tasks such as pouring water back and forth helps with hand-eye coordination and adaptive skills for the future. We take for granted simple tasks such as pouring milk into our cereal, because it comes natural for us. But for a child with developmental delays, there is a lot to process: the weight of the cup, the speed of pouring, and the coordination so that it doesn’t spill.


Switch it up by using different size cups/bottles and different textures. You can even add a funnel for the more advanced learners.

Have fun and it’s ok to get messy!!

*Please note that he should be using both hands. One hand to pour, one hand to hold. He still needs to work on that. Keep an eye out for that with your little one.*

4 thoughts on “Autism & Montessori: Hand-Eye Coordination

  1. Thanks for this. My son actually likes doing this, but I stop him because he makes a mess. I should turn it into a learning situation

    1. Hi Therese. Yes, that is a common problem. But it’s ok. It’s what children do! Teach him how to clean up after himself. That’s also a learning situation. The little sponge on the tray is for them to clean up any spills. Have fun!

  2. I love pouring activities! I also work on pouring with dried beans, dried rice & dried lentils (my personal favorite)! Lots of learning fun! 🙂 Thanks so much for these precious tips!

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