Category: Activities

Food Prep

Don’t forget to include your child in the preparation process for dinner. This is a great opportunity for bonding and working on life skills. Give them their own bowl to work with. Mashing potatoes will help work on: Gross and fine motor skills Hand-eye… Continue Reading “Food Prep”

Boys and Dolls

Let’s discuss boys and baby dolls. Culturally, we are taught that only girls play with dolls, but boys can play with dolls too! Role play helps to problem solve while working through scenarios. You can also observe the child’s capabilities of the skill during… Continue Reading “Boys and Dolls”

Hand Puppets

Encourage language by singing songs that are repetitive. Old MacDonald is my go-to song!! These hand puppets will also help with motor and social skills. Here are some ways to target each skill: Language : Have your kiddo identify and label each animal. Have… Continue Reading “Hand Puppets”

Role Play

One way to help with social skills is to role play. Children with autism want to socialize, they just don’t know how! So they engage in socially awkward behaviors such as pushing, invading personal space, stimming, etc. Instead of apologizing to the other parent,… Continue Reading “Role Play”