4th of July Bracelets

Making bracelets is a great short activity to teach several things: patterns, language, hand-eye coordination, and fine motor. I use physical prompts to show my kiddo what the sequence is. I also lay out a visual prompt of what color comes next. He knows how to string the beads independently, if he didn’t, I would physicallyContinue reading “4th of July Bracelets”

Autism & Montessori: Hand-Eye Coordination

Simple tasks such as pouring water back and forth helps with hand-eye coordination and adaptive skills for the future. We take for granted simple tasks such as pouring milk into our cereal, because it comes natural for us. But for a child with developmental delays, there is a lot to process: the weight of the cup,Continue reading “Autism & Montessori: Hand-Eye Coordination”

Autism & Montessori: Spatial Awareness

The Montessori classroom is set up so that the child has to be aware of their surroundings. Children have lessons out on the floor, there are tables set up randomly, and the lessons have an assigned spot on the shelves. You have to look where you’re going so you don’t bump into things. I love thatContinue reading “Autism & Montessori: Spatial Awareness”