Sensory Play & Spoon Feeding

Over the holidays, I cleaned out my craft room. I was about to throw away some perler beads when I realized I can use them for sensory play.


A mom had mentioned to me that her son was not using a spoon to eat. So I’ve combined his favorite things (pegs, nesting cups, and animals) and added new things (spoons and beads) for him to explore. This pairing will make the new items fun and hopefully over time, increases the interaction the boy has with these new items.

Providing lots of opportunities to practice is the key to learning a new behavior. How often does a child get to practice spoon feeding? Only when it’s time to eat. If you incorporate the spoon during play, there are more chances to practice the simple things like holding the spoon correctly and hand-eye coordination. The child can use the spoon to scoop, pour, mix, whatever!

Have fun!


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