Girls and Autism

I think it’s great that more studies are being published on girls with autism. A previous client had not been diagnosed with autism due to her social skills. I urged mom to keep getting other opinions because I knew there was something there. Finally, mom found a hospital that had knowledge about autism being displayed differently in girls and she finally received her diagnosis!

I also do a lot of assessments for kiddos entering the ESE preschool program. I have seen many cases where based off the parent’s stories, are red flags for autism. But these girls are not referred to a specialist because they did so well during the interview. It’s very frustrating. If you believe there is something not right with your child, get 2nd, 3rd, or even 4th opinions. You know your child best, keeping looking for answers.

Click on image to read article.


‘Social Camouflage’ May Lead To Underdiagnosis Of Autism In Girls by NPR

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