manners aren’t that important

Parents love to teach their kids manners, but for a child that has a language delay, saying Please and Thank You is the last thing you should worry about. When a child is learning to put 2 words together, “(noun) please” does not count! Instead, try using a (verb+noun) or (adjective+noun) when requesting and/or labeling.Continue reading “manners aren’t that important”

what is stimming and why you should leave it alone

Stimming is a term used with Autism to describe repetitive,  self stimulatory behavior. The behavior can vary in many ways: hand flapping, spinning wheels, pacing back and forth – it’s different for everyone. I had 2 parents approach me with their concerns that a professional, either a Doctor or a BCBA, told them to beContinue reading “what is stimming and why you should leave it alone”